Integrating Digital Transformation into Bucharest’s School Counseling System

Project Objective

  • Provide recommendations that can be implemented by CMBRAE to tackle the primary pain points of Bucharest school counselors in the current education system.
  • The recommendations would be focused on introducing digital transformation methods into the counseling framework

Project Deliverables

Revised Scope of Work

  • Deliver three Design Thinking Workshops to create personas (1) counselors, (2) teachers (3) students. The clients will be certified so they are able to replicate this practice
  • Develop a high-level roadmap to digital transformation that will improve how counselors do work.

Anticipated Host Organization Change Resulting from Deliverables and Project Impact

  • The 3-phase recommendations towards digital transformation of school counseling services will result to the improvement of the counseling services provided to the students, thus improving their overall psychological, emotional, and social life.
  • In addition, the counselors could be given with an easier approach to career counseling that could be easily matched to the job demands of the market. Lastly, it would increase the eminence of counseling not only as a profession but most importantly, as a vocation.